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VB-TB5S Commercial Valve

VB-TB5S Commercial Valve

Part #: VB-TB5S

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Valve for most Rolls Surrette Batteries and Trojan L16, Trojan T-105RE and Crown L16.

5 YEAR WARRANTY -The valves are warranted for a full five years (fast charge for three years). If a valve causes a cell failure due to a manufacturing defect, the valve and the cell will be repaired or replaced. 

FASTER - Water flows through a single connection filling each battery set accurately, eliminating all the guesswork. Our innovative clip-in valves make installation of pre-strung systems fast and easy.

SAFER - The internal working components of the valve are above the cells, keeping them out of the electrolyte. The level indicator eye verifies proper valve operation.

BETTER - Battery Watering Technologies’ valves add the correct amount of water every time. With proper battery maintenance, you can add years to the life of your batteries.

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