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Power Pack Charger - 24Volt / 25 Amp

Power Pack Charger - 24Volt / 25 Amp

Part #: PHF-HD3-1201P-2

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This charger was designed to charge multiple battery types in a variety of applications. It’s high frequency switch mode technology enables a fully automatic, efficient and silent microprocessor controlled operation in a small enclosure. The exclusive charge curves reduce the load factor to a minimum, greatly diminishing the overcharge/gassing phase and the average temperature of the batteries.


✓ 120/240Vac, 1 phase, 50/60Hz models

✓ Selectable output voltage for 12 or 24Vdc

✓ For fixed or on-board applications

✓ Automatic refresh charging

✓ Automatic equalize ✓ Lead/acid, AGM, gel, lithium modes

✓ Short circuit and overload protection

✓ Integrated relay for equipment start-up control

✓ Mountable on walls, shelves and equipment

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